Wellness and Fitness

Salinello Village

Wellness e fitnessWellness e fitness
Wellness pathSPA

The new wellness path in the middle of the pool area.

Salinello Spa is a mobile building completely fitted in the surrounding environment and allows to live the psychophysical wellness in close contact with the nature, throughout the warmth of the Turkish bath to the tropical rain, the cold fog and the waterfall of the sensory shower, to give then a relaxation made of lights, colours, scent and music.

The space is equipped with multicolor lights, scents and music which create a wellness and involving to 360° atmosphere.

You just need a towel, slippers and a bathing suit to lose yourself in a deserved relaxation in a space realised to combine the body benefits to the mind harmony.

Functional training GYM

The new Fitness area with Rack Station where to train floor exercises and attend a functional training course.

Functional is a trendy training of the last years consisting in calisthenics with tools like fitball, kettlebell, jump box, bars and rings.

This type of training is called functional because it can improve those body skills like strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance which let to interact with the surrounding space.

The Functional Course allows every kind of experience suitable for everyone and at the same time combines whatever fitness level in the same lesson.

In the Salinello Canaly System Gym the auxotonic machines in postural rotation, compared to the traditional ones, allow a fast, balanced and customized development of your own body in complete safety, preventing joint problems and avoiding trauma for loading. You can calibrate the load from 2% to 300% of your weight by an easy control. Everyone can use the same machine in all safety calibrating the loading lever of just a few centimetres without moving any load.

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